I just talked to Woody today, and he said the snow is falling quite steadily right now.  I don't know if they will get the possible 6 inches of white stuff that they had predicted, but it sounds like Borderland residents are scurrying to get the last items put away before winter.  Woody was apparently doing just that, trying to get one of his guiding boats covered before the ice and snow took hold in its belly.  Gotta have it ready to go in the spring in case the lake lets loose early!

But people are hearty around International Falls, and Woody told me he still had a couple customers coming in from down south to catch fish by boat before the lake got a little harder -- and another one or two that still might like to view water access real estate.  Just another day's work for a combination fishing and lake home guide, I guess.  I think I will stay inside and keep writing.