After an incredibly difficult struggle with high water on Rainy Lake in 2014, this year was a gift when it came to lake usage for fisherman, cabin owners, and lake home residents who needed to rebuild their docks.  As you can see from this graph, supplied by Boise Cascade, water levels have stayed within the rule curve for the entire year -- a perfect scenario for enjoying all aspects of Rainy Lake.

In 2014, there were multitudes of people from International Falls and the surrounding area that gave their all to property owners and businesses along the lake, with countless hours of sandbagging and ongoing support in many ways.  Unfortunately, a lot of lakeshore residents had to continue on with the battle a bit longer, and spent this past summer rebuilding the devastation that occurred to their docks, breakwalls, and other lakeside structures.  But now, with the more consistent water levels in 2015, most things are back to normal on the lake.